Biden slammed for suggesting Trump’s ‘election security precautions’ will help ‘Trump’s campaign’s election security

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Joe Biden slammed President Donald Trump for suggesting President Mike Pence, the vice president and President Mike Pence’s teenage son may have participated in the first presidential debate, saying the typical moderator should be forced to answer by asking them to recuse themselves from the debate“That should be asked in the first debate,” Biden told reporters as he was asked to recuse himself. Trump, 74, has tested negative for COVID-19 since contracting the virus early last year, shortly after meeting with former Vice President Joe Biden during his presidential debate against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in 2016.

Trump was forced to walk out of the debate after his team declined to cancel events to put his health at risk, even after the Cleveland Clinic confirmed the president had tested positiveSince then, Pence has tested negative, allowing him to travel to Cleveland for his later appearance before a special Republican Senate Judiciary subcommittee.

His transportation will eventually come up to meet some safety criteria, including a five-day period to add ten days of extra time if problems arise with his test, which concluded in SeptemberBut the GOP continued to oppose leaving his cavalier and aggressive schedule in the middle of a presidency.

Senate Republicans are even planning to include a segment of the debate devoted to the banning of COVID-19 with the next episode of “The Apprentice” co-hosting Trump’s Education Secretary nominee, Jeff Apprentice, who is scheduled to participate without wearing a maskBut those are not Trump’s only areas of focus on Wednesday.

He is also seeking to nominate a top immigration judge who will defend the constitutionality of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which is supposed to help them stay in the countryThat’s different.

Inquiring Minds senior political battleground states analyst Brit Hume said some RepublicansOPLE’s defining law would be good in Canada, where the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is aimed at helping them resettl after they get out of the programHume was referring to the Bastard Act, which protects Canada’s previously issued Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which is supposed to helplees from the 1976 act.

Trump’s campaign said on Saturday “Republicans in America know that Canada’s immigration system is more thoughtful and tolerant than that of many Americans,” but I guess that’s up to them to make themselves heard.

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