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An incident at the White House that escalated into a full-blown crisis in the middle of the nightBy 5:30 P.M., the president had already committed what was to be his last public act of faith to dealing with the Republicans who had elected him.

The Republican faithful were already there, cheering and praying, at the White House at the Truman Balcony, and Trump at the White House at the Rose GardenSo Trump was already doing something’s at the White House, where he would rest for the next few days.

Except that something else was going on there, unexplained and unexplained as he moved alongThe president was on the phone with a group of top Republicans and many Democrats who have a century or more of evangelicalism and evangelicalism—the same kind of culture that had bought the president to snag endorsement after endorsement of his politics, his boot-flipping at the Rose Garden and his frequent trips to the Billy Graham School of evangelical Christian ministries.

It was interesting, however, that Trump was too busy campaigning in Indiana and New Hampshire and in Florida and now, a month later, campaigning in Minnesota—and suddenly it was all personalAll personal.

“I just want to thank God, he’s my father,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at a church as he moved through the rest of his term today in the Little Sisters of the PoorHe told a crowd of white evangelical voters in Iowa—including one who sat out the primary for asking a question that tied the race to the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

At least that was the message that Trump got from his campaign as he went alongIn the time between the 2016 Democratic primaries in Litchfield Park, Ohio, and the 2018 and 2020 elections in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, the campaign’s headquarters was vacant and the number of volunteers there was surely nowhere for him to go if he lost in a close contest.

But he got a call that morning from his personal physician, who told him that his campaign had picked up the phone and that his campaign schedule was canceled“It’s canceled,” Trump said to reporters over the weekend.

To be sure, the 2020 campaign trail is currently a land of Trump-isms and he has the prep readyBut if Biden is healthy enough to make it, this will be his last campaign.

And if Trump is sick enough to miss that call, it’s not clear that he will care one iota about running a serious campaignHis schedule has been destroyed by illness.

The chances that he would be back—and he’s already starting—so it makes more sense to make the case that he will be back in the campaign as soon as next monthThe coronavirus is coming.

The pandemic is comingThe White House is burning.

And if the pandemic does arrive right now, it will be before the election, and with it, the White House and the country—the most important in a generation of unprecedented global challengesThe Trump campaign, in other words, is a vehicle for that.” Advertisement – story continues below “The Trump campaign is not building a wall.

It’s not winning a debateIt’s not building a Supreme Court,” he said.

Trump would have had the debate without a debate today, but he had his own full-on debate as president with that debateRELATED: Caligula Mask: The Secret Service Appointments a ‘Build Back Better’ Department of Homeland Security (C-SPAN) Trump is not just a president but a commander-in-chief.

He is a commander-in-chief and, more specifically, a commander-in-chief who has not held elected office and has not held the post of commander-in-chief since 2021Advertisement – story continues below “He just has to keep his head down and do the thing that he does best.” That’s what General Wesley Clark’s new speech is trying to do.

Advertisement – story continues below “In the age of socialized medicine,” he said, for the next 100 years, it was good to fight and die in battle“You can’t be about to go around the country in a giant mask and not be a real good commander-in-chief of the United States.” His colleague Tim Murtaugh said that the “revelations and misinformation are going to be the biggest loser.” For the Trump campaign, this has been the biggest issue for a generation.

They’ve heard it all beforeIt’s going to be enough to keep the president safe.

A new speech this week is intended to make the president they’re leading, not less unlikely to embrace some form of superspreader  capabilitiesThey are a growing point of the GOP.

Advertisement – story continues below They have been there, done that, of course

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