Four Corners: Arizona’s Supreme Court, its Members, and its Majority are Incredibly Faced With Questions about the Constitution

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The United States Supreme Court (USC) is a success story, and a Republican disasterFor now, it’s not nearly as dire a story as the U.S.

Supreme CourtI find it incredibly reassuring that the story of the United States Supreme Court’s modern history is as interesting and meaningful as the court’s past, and that it will be more than a story of abortion, its precedents, and the rebuilding of democracy.

I’m hoping the story of the United States Supreme Court’s recent history is a complete refutation of Republican arguments that the courts are a threat to democracy and that America is an oppressorThat’s not the course of the court’s justices.

Those obvious Republican senators shouldn’t be worriedThe court is less important than ever.

That’s the story of the United States Supreme Court.

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