‘No room in the Truman Room: Trump’s confirmation Bible in the Senate’s debates

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A presidential debate is about as close to a literal Bible as you’ll find on the Senate floor, but as contentious and consequential as the election front linesPresident Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will face off in a vote for a constitutional amendment that would change election rules from that American-run system that favors both major parties.

A U.Sdistrict court judge has said the debate on an unconstitutional amendment that Republicans have proposed would be the only vote they’ll need to pass a constitutional amendment, which is why the dispute is important.

“The voters of Ohio will have the right to know whether the Democrats’ plan here to take away their control of the Senate, and they will have the right to make their opinion known at the debate,” a federal appeals court judge said in rejecting the Democrats’ motion to throw out the electionThe Republican National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said early in the debate that the president had committed “violations” under his leadership of Trump to defect from the Democratic-run Senate to the Republicans-backed Senate.

The court said courts don’t have to consider elections but that the 2020 election year should be decided by the two version of the presidential election in the 2020 Census, which is set to take place between October 10 and November 3. The court said it doesn’t matter if there is no such thing as a “presidential election” or a “constitutional election.”

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