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“The Daily Briefing: The President’s criminal record is one of the most serious national security problems in modern U.Shistory.

Democrats are accusing the president of having a history of threatening elected officials and of having access to a highly classified classified national security information.” Defending Trump’s record, RepDina Powell (D-Calif.) said, “He is a complete disaster.” In the 2016 election cycle, the Trump campaign claimed that the president “causes” much damage to the election.

The president is a danger to himself and othersFortunately, he is not a threat to the election,” Powell said during an interview Friday on “The Daily Briefing.” “He’s a danger to himself as a person as well.” “He’s a total disaster for the country,” Powell added.

“I mean, he’s been a disaster for the country since the election.” “I think we all should make our way back to the White House the president that is performing wellThat’s Donald Trump.” KATHleen Young, a Biden campaign spokeswoman, said the Democratic congressman’s “employment in a local news segment” wouldn’t impact the election.

“As long as he’s not running for president, Donald Trump is the president that tweeted, aka, ‘That’s a KISS,’ and that’s on the phone with Sean Hannity,” Young said“And he’s not going to stop tweeting.” Young said the president’s performance on Tuesday night was “fiery.” “The president is a phenomenal communicator,” Young said.

“He has incredible courage.” And it’s not just TrumpThe findings of the presidential test are “insane.” The worst-case scenario, the White House said, would be a world where the president remains in place for a month or more after his diagnosis.

Still, Congress has passed legislation to extend the president’s hospital stay until Oct31.

The hospital stay is based on Trump’s medical condition, according to the White House“We are optimistic that the president will be well enough to travel to his personal hospital on Monday to resume campaign appearances,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Friday.

“The president has been medically able to travel to Minnesota for two campaign rallies this week, and one rally in Duluth, which will be held on Monday.” Trump is on five weeks of medication for the coronavirus, Meadows said“He lives up to that role.” Trump, 56, is on a ventilator.

His form of protection is still a work in progressBut Meadows said he should be out of the woods before the president’s health takes a turn for the worse.

Trump is not on any medications, including…

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