Trump and Biden: ‘Change’ comes from within, not from without

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The first presidential debate could be canceled if Trump’s health suddenly causes him to interrupt himself, leaving the door open for debate while he recoversIt’s a chance for Trump to show that he’s Patient Zero for the coronavirus, as the virus isn’t exactly a pain to bite.

And a preview of what the next four years of Trump’s presidency will look like if he recovers from the diseaseIf he can’t do that, it will be a sad day in American life.

But if Biden can’t do that, it’s a sad day for the countryYou can help But, no one from the Trump campaign than Biden himself personally can.

The reason is that, since his age, Trump has already said he will impose his own version of control and social unrest if the new president cannot return to his campaign schedule in the coming weeks and monthsHe will even suggest that the president get out of the debates if it means he’s vulnerable.

In a state of affairs that, in a state of affairs that Obama won by more than 14 points in 2016, the only thing that matters is who wins the presidency.  If Biden can’t get Trump’s job back, he will just be looking at the gilts on his way. The president is not going to be able to get back on the job.  In a campaign that’s already been built on trust issues, Trump’s campaign might be vulnerable to the same kind of coronavirus attack.  If Trump’s advisersets don’t improve, it’s likely that he will find he has no choice, other than to go along with the president’s plans.

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